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Martha Grace “Mooky” Blackburn (1925-1999)

Martha Grace Blackburn Mills was born January 6th 1925 near the banks of the Tennessee River in Tuscumbia Alabama. When Martha Grace was an infant, for some unknown reason an older sibling gave her the nickname "Mooky,"which was shortened to "Mook" as she grew older. In 1946, after a brief career as a secretary during World War II, “Mook” married her high school sweetheart, Harold Fay Mills, upon his return from serving in the U.S. Navy. Like many women of her day, Mook’s life work was devoted to the care of her five children, support of her husband Fay and operating the family hardware store. Recognized in her community for her kindness, Mook loved opening her home to friends and family. It was in these gatherings that Mook shared her love for cooking and her now celebrated cheese straws. To the delight of many, Mook continued passionately perfecting her beloved cheese straw recipe until he passing on May 1st, 1999. Mook’s life was a recipe for living. It’s through
these shared experiences her spirit endures.

Homemade Taste & Appearance

Mook Mills Cheese Straws are NOT a cheese bite!

Mook's are a traditional, full size, cheese straws with a made-from-scratch taste and appearance.

Mook Mills Cheese Straws are made with 100% sharp cheddar cheese, flour, margarine and complimentary spices.

Mooks are lovingly baked to a crispy texture with a SOUTHERN SPICY KICK.

Mook Mills Cheese Straws “we make them like you would bake them".

Zero Prep Time

Simply placing Mook Mills’ on your serving tray creates an instant party favorite.
Enjoy Mook Mills anytime or serve with soup, sandwiches, fruit or salads.
Mook Mills Cheese Straws are an elegant alternative to chip & salsa, nuts, crackers or party mixes.

Wedding, wine tasting, brunch, banquet or boxed lunch, Mook Mills Cheese Straws add great taste with zero prep time.

Variety of Package Sizes

Mook Mills Cheese Straws are packaged in a variety of case counts. 

All shipped in 7 oz. and 12 oz. classic white and lime green striped bag with bright yellow and orange sunflower logo.

Mook Mills’s 7 oz. bag is ideal to snack or share with friends. Makes a handsome addition to any gift basket.  

Our 12 oz. bag serves 16 to 24 generous portions. Great for tailgating, parties or picnics.

Wholesale cases are shipped to food retailers 12 to a case. Wholesale bulk bag cases are shipped in 8 one pound clear bags.

Mook Mills 16-oz bulk bags serve 24 to 36 and are best for banquets, weddings or stocking your pantry.

Packaged originally for catering and wholesale food service. Mook Mills Cheese Straw bulk bags are now available to individuals.

Less packaging more Mook's. Celebrate and enjoy Mook Mills Cheeses Straws. Mook's are "the perfect party food".